JFD501: Harvey, Being There, Spaceballs

We asked our Dom DeLuise Patreon donors put together three solid gold bangers and we'd select one lucky winner's trio to do on the show and we landed on Elise's eclectic mix of classy cult comedies.

Up first, James Stewart plays a mild mannered alcoholic who embarasses his family by spending most of this time getting loaded and talking to his imaginary friend, a giant rabbit in Harvey from 1950.

Then, Peter Sellers play a simple minded gardener who finds himself homeless until he crosses paths with Shirley MacLaine who's the wife of a dying millionaire in Hal Ashby's Being There from 1979.

And finally, Mel Brooks points his patented brand of satire on Star Wars in Spaceballs from 1987. Starring Bill Pullman, John Candy, Rick Moranis, Daphne Zuniga and Joan Rivers!

All this plus The Memphis Maniac's Year In Review, we find out what people are really doing in the library, why Disney keeps trying to sell you sporks for $15, Space Force!, Nerd News, Blu-Rays and so much more!


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