JFD504: Silent Running, Fire in the Sky, Official Denial

The three crewmen on Space Station JFD can't do it alone. Sometimes they must enlist the help of outsiders... aliens, if you will. And this week we welcome special guest alien Shelby Cobras to discuss three Sci-Fi Patreon picks!

Up first, Bruce Dern is the caretaker of a bio-dome in space but when he gets the orders to scrap the project and blow up the ecosystem, he goes on a rampage then plays cards with robots in Silent Running from 1972 (picked by John T).

Next, we investigate the supposed true story of Travis Walton, who claims he was abducted by aliens in the 70's in Fire in the Sky from 1993 (picked by Kessa)

And finally, we check out the Sci-Fi Channel's first made-for-TV movie Official Denial from 1993 (picked by Eamon), about a man who is tasked by the government to befriend a recently captured alien.

All this plus Shelby's review of Color Out of Space, Shelby's hot takes on Jordan Peele, Nerd News, Blu-Rays, wacky robots, kooky aliens and so much more!


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