JFD513: Supersonic Man, Vigilante, Arena

Well, there's nothing else going on, so we might as well podcast about three weird flicks. And to help us feel a connection to the outside world, we've outsourced those picks to our Patreon donors! Will their picks get us lifted in these wild times?

Up first! You remember that famous old superhero, Super Sonicman? No? Makes sense. He was actually just a weird one-off copycat of Superman for the Spanish Silver Screen in this 1979 feature from Juan Piquer Simón (director of Pieces). (picked by Jeff P)

Next up! Y'all ever seen that 1982 revenge thriller where a mild-manner working class man's wife is raped and child murdered, causing him to go on a murderous rampage for justice? No, not Death Wish II. It's Bill Lustig's Vigilante! Swap Charles Bronson for Robert Forster, swap LA for NYC, and swap the racist undertones for the charming Fred Williamson and you'll have and idea of what we've gotten ourselves into. (picked by Andreas)

Finally! It's a third film: Arena (1989), a movie wherein shirtless oiled muscle men do outer space hand-to-hand gladitorial combat with devil-faced alien creatures. That's all we needed to know. (picked by Mickey)

All this plus a Parker on the brink of insanity, Sean's Critter Corner, Kevin's present-day theatrical experiences, the Shelbyville Skyline Drive-In Movie Theater Skycade as an analogue for the Berlin Wall, an update on the dab lab, continued WrestlemaniaChats, an allusion to that time former co-host Rusty walked out of an interview, does Conrad Brooks make an appearance?, tracking Kevin's ghoulish tendencies, our weekly news plus Blu-ray Picks and even more!

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