JFD516: American Pop, Princess Mononoke, Seoul Station

What do America, Japan and Korea have in common (outside of baseball, and coronavirus, both expicitly not discussed on this episode)? Your JFD hosts hope to find a little cross-cultural unity this week in the world of animated features, as we kick off our annual celebration of animation: Ani-May!

Up first! You remember Ralph Bakshi, dude who brought us weird stuff like HEAVY TRAFFIC and COONSKIN and WIZARDS? He's back at it again, with it his uniquely bizarre blend of post-hippie, underground-comix-y, animation, this time focused on the history of a nation and it's music, in 1981's American Pop! And: It's got more dishes than you could shake a washrag at.

Next up! Y'all ever seen that Hayao Miyazaki flick Princess Mononoke (1997)? You know, the Studio Ghibli thing that Disney/Miramax put in theaters over here. Your college girlfriend had the poster in her bedroom. No? That's weird. Well, we review it. It's got tentacle-boars.

Finally! It's a third film: Seoul Station (2016), a Korean zombie animated movie Parker picked because he likes TRAIN TO BUSAN from the same director. Will the zombies dance in unison to a sexy beat?

All this plus cartoon chats, Wink Martindale chats, background Keppi, an audio encounter with a maniac, some Sad Nerd News, a plea for more Roys, who are the real Quibis?, an issue with echoes, Kevin reveals a shocking hot take on a beloved era of our youth, some sneezing behind closed doors, our weekly news plus Blu-ray Picks and even more!

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