JFD521: Pituitary Hunter, Internal Affairs, The Conspiracy

Hide your wife, it's another hot episode of Junk Food Dinner as we look at 3 movies picked by our Patreon friends!

First, a crazed killer is scouring the Chinese countryside looking for fresh brains in the 1980s-ish horror film The Pituitary Hunter.

Next, Andy Garcia is on the trail of bad cop Richard Gere, but who will fuck whose wife first in "Internal Affairs."

Finally, a documentary film crew follows the exploits of a seemingly deranged conspiracy theorist -- but what if he's right? In "The Conspiracy."

All this plus Bill & Ted chat, Alan Adamson, Adam Alanson, junk mails, nerd news, Kyle from Kentucky, skipping Ghoul summer this year?, Joe Bob chat, Now & Laters Fu, Nice Voicemails Fu and 3 boobs. 4 stars. JFD says check it out.

Donloyd Here.