JFD526: The New York Ripper, Demon Wind, Viva

Yo, Junkies! JFD is back with another round of Dom DeLuise Patreon Donor picks this episode. There will me psycho killers, demon zombies and retro swinger orgies! What more could you ask for?

Up first, Lucio Fulci takes his unique brand of Italian giallo to the grimy streets of early-80's NYC in The New York Ripper from 1982 (picked by Eddie) about a serial slasher who targets young women and talks like a duck on the phone.

Then, a group of horror cliches go to visit a remote farmhouse where one of the kids' grandparents had been murdered, only to find the site is still haunted and overrun with zombies in 1990's Demon Wind (picked by Evan).

And finally, Anna Biller writes, directs, does set design, costumes and stars in Viva from 2007 (picked by Matt M), a wonderfully retro and kitschy tale about a woman bored with the trappings of early 70's homemaking and sets off on an adventure to awaken her sexuality.

All this plus a recap of the crap we've been watching in quarantine, chicken pot pie chat, Parker's thoughts on Cats, Nerd News, this week's most notable blu-rays and so much more!


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