JFD527: What do you Say to a Naked Lady? After Hours, Andy Colby's Incredible Adventure

We're back with three films in which we get lost in New York, lost in television and lost in 1970s sexuality!

First up, TV's Allen Funt asks the audience, "What Do You Say to a Naked Lady?" This candid camera movie catches a variety of '70s people in awkward situations.

Next, Martin Scorsese takes us back to the streets of New York as an unfulfilled yuppie gets stranded in SoHo in an increasingly bizarre adventure in "After Hours."

Next, a kid has to save his little sister from a color wizard that lives in a haunted VHS tape in "Andy Colby's Incredible Adventure."

All this plus Nerd News, Junk Mails, the Fallen One, Sex show fact checking, Boris Karloff's sexy voice and so much more!

Donloyd Here

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