JFD534: Witch's Night Out, Cannibal Flesh Riot, This House Has People in It

What's even spookier than your favorite podcast reviewing three Halloween-y short films to celebrate two months of Schlocktober? Well, what if we told you one of them might be a 'Freado Pick'?! The only way to be sure (and to be safe), is to #DonloydNow and listen in!

First up, take a trip down memory lane, if you happen to be a Halloween-obsessed Canadian grampa, with 1978's Witch's Night Out. This bizarrely-animated holiday TV special concerns some trick or treaters from the Great White North with subpar costuming choices and a flair for monochrome biology. Starring the vocal talents of Gilda Radner and Catherine O'Hara! Watch the whole thing here, for free!

Next up! Y'all got any psychobilly friends? They might've already hipped you to 2007's Cannibal Flesh Riot, a low-budget backyardish production from visual artist Gris Grimly in which he gets to pay loving homage to the classic cinematic achievements of the early Universal Horror pioneers, and also tentacle rape. Watch a short clip here, also for free!

Finally! It's a third short, although it's one of those shorts that has inspired several multiple-hours-long thesis statement videos, deconstructing it frame by frame, as all good cinema is intended to be experienced. We're talking about, of course, This House Has People In It (2016), from the hot 'n spicy young director Alan Resnick. Watch all them people in that house right here, also for free!

All this plus to live and die in california, do kids still hackey their sacks?, Kevin Moss is nothing if not a sucker for theming, Frankensteins at Lowe's, two million disc lovers can't be wrong, Parker's Perfect Postman, pose me up Scotty, Halloween safety bags, Tremors is hardly hard sci-fi, showtime faces, Slash Fact or Slash Fiction?, Kevin gets stuck in the floor, our weekly news plus blu-ray picks and even more!

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