JFD535: The Werewolf, The Legend of the Wolf Woman, The Runestone

As we continue our countdown to Halloween, we let the fur fly with an episode dedicated to those cursed souls, the werewolves and we take a look at three very different wolf-themed flicks!

Up first, infamous b-movie schlockmeister Sam Katzman attempts to revamp the werewolf movie for the 1950's drive-in audience with The Werewolf from 1956, about a man injected with a radioactive serum that turns him into a wolf man wreaking havoc on Big Bear, CA.

Next, we switch gears with an Italian tale of lycanthropy, this time concerning a woman who turns into a beast any time she is confronted with sexuality as result of being raped in The Legend of the Wolf Woman (AKA Werewolf Woman) from 1976.

And finally, a group of character actors (Peter Riegert, William Hickey, Lawrence Tierney, Chris Young, Alexander Godunov) all get together to figure out how a Norse beast demon got to New York City and how to stop it in The Runestone from 1991.

All this plus old people singing "Dragula", Parker's thoughts on The Babysitter 2, Nerd News, The Oscars being The Oscars, this week's blu-ray releases and so much more!


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