JFD537: Encounters of the Spooky Kind, The Eternal Evil of Asia, Pulse

Ever feel like ya wanna escape the walking hellscape we currently inhabit in modern times in the western world, but it's still Schlocktober and ya gotta get Halloween-y? Good news, beleaguered Junk Food Junkies! You can take a trip with us to a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away: East Asia, circa 1980 through 2001! It's our SPOOKY ASIA theme show!

First up, we follow up the fun we had way back when with Mr. Vampire (1985) by digging even deeper into the Chinese Hopping Vampire well by watching the trend-setting early Hong Kong horror/comedy, Encounters of the Spooky Kind (aka Spooky Encounters), from 1980! Everybody's favorite, fattest dragon, Sammo Hung wages war against hopping vampires and marital infidelities in this prototypical Jiangshi flick, but what's the the situation with the optically printed special effects? Are they plentiful?

Next up! Y'all remember taking vacations, and what that was like? Well, hopefully none of your vacations involved getting on the bad side of an evil wizard from Thailand, or else your life might resemble the plot of The Eternal Evil of Asia, from 1995! Your first indication might be that your head has turned into a penis, as is common with these sort of enchantments. However, will ONE of your charming hosts decide this film is TOO PROBLEMATIC for 2020?! Maybe/sorta. It was a different time/continent.

Finally! It's a third movie! But is it a half-Freado?! Just exactly how much spookiness and how much Asia is there to be seen in the well-regarded J-Horror flick from way back 'round the turn of the century, if most of it is just people talking about the internet or looking at muddy pixels? Will one of us call this movie 'Lynchian?' All these questions answered and more, this week only, in our exclusive and 100% free-to-donloyd review of Pulse (aka Kairo, from 2001)!

All this plus suntory whiskey, the first cinematic universe in cinema history, is moleman a pejorative?, 遇见甲虫, the profundity of mashed potatoes, disneymongering, alien parties versus familytime, the last cinematic year in cinematic history?, topsy turvy top ten tabulation, wizard sleeves a-gogo, overlong international excursions into the general area of musicality, do they even shoot pictures anymore?, all of the promised Garfield/CAT-III jokes landed on the cutting room floor, safety tips from the scary police, 'wow', the time Sammo Hung fought David Arquette in Parker Bowman's living room in the future, some special Halloween sacks and scraps of cloth, our weekly news plus blu-ray picks and even more!

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