JFD538: Dark Night of the Scarecrow, The Devil, Luz

Schlocktober rolls right along the week on JFD as we honor the ghost of Dom DeLuise by handing our picks over to our $10-a-month Patreon donors and they deliver us some tricks and some treats! 

Up first, we check out a Halloween made-for-TV movie that has lived on thanks to its rabid fan base, Dark Night of the Scarecrow from 1981, in which a mentally challenged man (Larry Drake) is murdered my an angry lynch mob when they mistakenly think he has harmed a local girl. However, after his death each member of the mob is haunted by a mysterious scarecrow and begin meeting untimely demises themselves.

Then, also from 1981 we check out a Taiwanese/Hong Kong supernatural thriller about a witch who can turn her victims into oozing sacks of worms and snakes if they don't play their cards right in The Devil.

Finally, we examine an atmospheric independent German film about a woman who may be possessed by a demon in Luz from 2018.

All this plus why Parker isn't feeling too Halloweeny this year, Goblin Talk, classic monster movies, Junk Mail, Van Halen tributes, Price is Right News, blu-rays to play at your Halloween party and so much more.


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  1. For ur next audio commentary do cherry falls. Teenage exorcist or hollywood hotubs


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