JFD540: Trick or Treats, The Midnight Hour, Weedjies: Halloweed Night

With everything going downright batshit insane this year, we need Halloween now more than ever. Thankfully, we've all (mostly) survived long enough to enjoy at least one more round of dumb movies about Halloween parties, yeti wolfsmen, and pot-smoking goblins, and nothing is gonna stop us from doing just that. So, mash along with us and the monsters this week, if you please. It's the only podcast guaranteed to taste exactly like pumpkin pie, with half the calories!

Up first! Y'all remember that Trick or Treats (1982) movie? No, not the one with that cute little burlap-sack-faced guy Sam. Not, not the one with that cute little burlap-sack-faced guy Ozzy. This is the one with that Rock and Roll Vampire in it! (no, not Ozzy). Anyhow, I guess you probably don't remember it. We didn't either. But it's got Peter Jason in drag doing battle with a proto-HomeAlone-style prankster child and his babysitter on Halloween night. And a bevy of character actors you'll love! So hear us chat about it.

Next up! If you're an old, and you loved Halloween so much in 1985 that you tuned into ABC on November 1st hoping for the spookytime parties to continue, you must've been thrilled to see The Midnight Hour airing for your own, personal enjoyment. And if not, you'll love hearing us chat about this bizarre little movie (from Jack "Child's Play 3" Bender) in which all of the ghouls/goblins/yetismens of the afterlife invade the nowlife in a smalltown. With The Smiths on the soundtrack?!?!

Finally! It's a third movie! With goblins, a weed wolf, and semi-famous partygoer cameos! Of course, we're talking about the Goblin-themed Full Moon Halloween classic Weedjies: Halloweed Night (2019). It's a movie where some goblins or something fuck up a party, with marijuana. Come for the dank-ass goblins, stick around for the part where Kevin Moss says "lit A.F." and "totes fun" in his review!

All this plus Kevin's sinister cinema sins & drive-in insanities, a dissection of Joe Bob Brigg's natural cut-points, no fake bats, shillin' for Shudders, too many beds, what kinda Halloween donuts y'all eatin' in there?, Boratio Sanz, an exciting new breed of Goblins is discussed at length, Paul McCartney's extensive musical catalogue holdings, our weekly news plus blu-ray picks and even more!

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