JFD543: Cher... And Other Fantasies, Heavy Metal Parking Lot, Your Studio and You

Stop everything you are doing! Except for reading this, which you'll need to continue to do so that we can tell you about this INCREDIBLE PODCAST EPISODE! Or, if you've already stopped reading: just donloyd and listen along as we review three short films. You'll love the surprise!

Up first! Y'all remember that popular singer Cher? Y'all remember Cher... and Other Fantasies from 1979? It's okay, nobody does or probably should. But there's some surprising reasons why we've picked it for the show, and we know that you, potentially-still-reading reader, love surprises.

Next up! Rock out with your Busch out, as we jump the bownes of 1986's bitchin' Heavy Metal Parking Lot, a fly-on-the-pavement chronicling of a typical Saturday night in Maryland: complete with acid casualty teens, wasted youths, and non-consensual full-body air guitar. Come for the Zebraman, stay for the silent bearded thumbs-up fella.

Finally! It's a third short film! With famous directors, famous drummers from Goldfinger, Seagram's wine coolers and porcelain deer! Of course, we're talking about the Matt & Trey classic Your Studio and You from 1995. It's that weird and wacky backlot thing they made for that corporate party none of us were invited to, and you'll love it as much (or as little) as we do!

All this plus slippin' into shorts, things you can't do during Covid, Kevin Kuts Loose, two thirds of a Friday the 13th celebration, Kevin learns to love again, is Freddy canceled?, is Baby Yoda canceled?, is canceling canceled?, the murky flavours of the swamps of Dagobah, cult film politics, a gang of junkmailers, Hagar the Watchable?, a bevy of costume changes, injecting beef fat into Egg McMuffins, Sean's ultimate tourism betrayal of Parker Bowman revealed, Uber are the real monsters, how to get famous in the 60s and 70s, auditory illusions, it was a different time, our weekly news plus blu-ray picks and even more!

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