JFD546: Planes, Trains and Automobiles, The Alien Factor, Ninja Zombie

It's been a long & lonely year in Junk Food Dinner land, without all the late-nite Corn Gorn partying and early-morning Ghoul Summer partying we're used to. The only silver lining in this hellish cloudscape has been the steadfast support of our loyal Dom Deluise Patreon Patrons, who have pledged to keep us warm all winter long with their hot-ass movie picks. And this week we got three scorchers!

Up first! Y'all remember that popular winter holiday everyone celebrates and makes movies about? Well, 1987's Planes, Trains and Automobiles (picked by Kessa), isn't actually about Christmas - nor, despite the appearance of John "Halloween" Candy is it about All Hallow's Eve. No, good friends of podcastingland, it's that John Hughes movie about Thanksgiving, for some reason! Also featuring Steve Martin! As one-half of an odd-coupling with none-other than the Candy-man himself! It's the one where the grown men share a hotel bed.

Next up! We've seen Nightbeast. You've seen Nightbeast. We hadn't seen The Alien Factor. But we've all seen The Alien Factor. That's because, of course, 1978's earlier-shot-and-long-shelved The Alien Factor (picked by Brendon) is more or less just Nightbeast with worse cameras. But that doesn't mean we love it (or Baltmore-area schlockmaster Don Dohler) any less for it!

Finally! It's a third Patreon-picked film! With a zombie who is also a ninja! Of course, we're talking about the recently unearthed-by-AGFA Ninja Zombie from 1992. It's that weird and wacky movie that seems like it was shot primarily as an excuse to play with samurai swords in a public park. And isn't that what life is all about?!

All this plus a christmas-grinch's podcasting heart turns three times larger, grandma's nips by popular demand, Japanese yuletide styles, regional theme park foods, Garth Brooks makes an appearance, the uncles are listening, this time Kevin's the skype-y one!, kentucky fried shamelessness, Hunter & Gunn: A Lovesong, a bonafide flurry of emoji chatter, eggnog hangovers, sci-fidelity ambience, ginger-spiced sneezes our weekly news plus blu-ray picks and even more!

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