JFD549: The House on Bare Mountain, VideoBone, Edward Penishands

We know it can be hard to get yourself going at the head of a new year, so we've decided to review three pornography films to get your blood racing. How long into this episode can you last before exploring other options? Celebrate the certification of our erections with this Happy Nude Year episode by #DonloydingNow!

Up first! What do werewolves, boobs, and Nic Refn have in common? Well, probably several things, but certainly The House on Bare Mountain, from 1962 is among them. And how are these disparate elements interconnected? You'll have to hear our review of this early nudie-cutie to find out!

Next up! Y'all remember Videodrome, the Cronenberg movie? Well, y'all remmeber VideoBone, the unremarkable porno parody of it from 1986? We didn't, either. And we hope James Woods never finds out about it, or what we said here.

Finally! Of course, it's Edward Penishands, from 1991! How could it not be Edward Penishands? How did it take us this long to review Edward Penishands? Has Tim Burton seen Edward Penishands? Some of this and more: answered on the show!

All this plus Parker's Wholesome Christian Fun & weird think-pieces, Sean Byron's patented two-word movie reviews, Kevin's familytime holidaze, Nathan for Who?, haunted garage-rock, these pornos are making me hum a few bars, a personal phone-call for Kevin, potato chips, bone machines, mild Skype-based fidelity problems, "What?", some world-famous junkmail callers, the curse of the beerwolf, when copyright is copywrong, tortured monkeys, our weekly news plus blu-ray picks and even more!

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