JFD551: The Roommates, Darktown Strutters, Bigfoot: The Movie


We're back with three more flicks picked by our friends on Patreon!

First, a group of women who like to wax intellectual about orgies go on a vacation to a mountain lake in "The Roommates," but things aren't as idyllic as they may seem.

Next, a group of foxy motorcycle gang members from the inner city face off against the man in "Darktown Strutters."

Finally, a group of Yinzers take justice into their own hands when their town is invaded by a sasquatch in "Bigfoot: The Movie."

All this plus the reveal of Parker's new dog's name, Sean goes Underwater, Kevin wants to be a young nerd, Nerd News, DVDs, Junk Mails and so much more!

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