JFD555: A Visit to the Underground Cities of Mars, Captain Eo, Genghis Khan Conquers The Moon

We've all heard of short science fiction stories, but short science fiction films? It's true! They exist, and we're reviewing three of them this week for your listening pleasure. #DonloydNow!

Up first! We pivot from science fiction to science fact as we explore the interstellar teachings of the Unarian Brotherhood, starting with A Visit to the Underground Cities of Mars, from 1977! This documentary, produced by Uriel and her fellow cosmos-traveling cohorts from El Cajon, shows in great detail the various kinds of Disneyland monorails and crystal miniature dioramas you'll find on the red planet. See it and believe it. Here's the link on YouTube!

Next up! Y'all remember Captain EO, from 1986? The Disneyland ride that Michael Jackson made with those space muppets and a mountain of money? It's back, in podcast form. And here's the link on YouTube!

Finally! Of course, it's 2015's Genghis Khan Conquers The Moon, which is exactly what it says it is and nothing more. But is that enough? When it's got James Hong and Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, that's probably enough. Watch along with us on YouTube!

All this plus a gonzo on my lap, a Phantom retread, Sean's experimental video loopings, the Hongman in a vinegar vineyard, the official certification of the JFD commentary vote, the sexuality of shrunken men, the passing of a pornographer, oh look at those titties, Kevin's got a Boris on his brain, hypnotic flashing lights, meat beat on evergreen terrace, our weekly news plus blu-ray picks and even more!

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