JFD559: The Black Hole, Dr. Otto and the Riddle of the Gloom Beam, Tiptoes

Once again, we relinquish control of our picks to the distinguished tastes of our Dom DeLuise Patreon donors. This week they give a real mixed bag of notorious films.

Up first, Disney assembles an all-star cast (Anthony Perkins, Robert Forster, Yvette Mimieux, Ernest Borgnine) and a hefty budget to try and get in on the Star Wars craze of the late 70's with The Black Hole from 1979 but ended up with an under-performing dud but which still has cult fans to this day.

Next, did you know Jim Varney's first movie wasn't an Ernest movie? Well, it kind of was. It has Ernest in it, but only briefly. It's mostly about this other character, Dr. Otto (also played by Varney) who wants to wreak havoc on the world by destroying our financial institutions, starting with Cincinnati! It's called Dr. Otto and the Riddle of the Gloom Beam from 1985 and it plays kind of like an Ernest movie, but weirder. Much weirder.

And finally, we take a look at the infamous Tiptoes from 2003 in which Gary Oldman plays Matthew McConaughey's twin brother. Who is also a dwarf. The movie is often cited online as one of the worst/weirdest movies ever but is it really that weird?! We'll find out.

All this plus Kevin's trip to Boston, grandpa movie talk, Wal-Mart Exclusives, Nick Nolte chat, the hottest blu-rays of the week and so much more.


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  1. Actually, the black hole was in development hell at Disney before starwars came out, under another name. It was pushed into production after SW became a hit film. While the story and characters in star wars were definitely superior, the black hole overall had more impressive effects and sets at the time of initial release. It's easy to see why it failed though. It's a little too mature in places for kids but is also jam-packed with kiddie elements like the robots. I still enjoy it. try arguing it didn't influence other films, event horizon?


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