JFD562: The Beastmaster, Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time, Beastmaster III: The Eye of Braxus

Did you have cable in the 80's or 90's? If so, chances are, you've probably seen Beastmaster. Or maybe you caught the sequel on VHS? Or the third one which was made-for-TV, perhaps? Well, this week we discuss all things Beastmaster as we are joined by friend of the show, writer/director Jackson Stewart.

Up first, fresh off horror classic Phantasm, director Don Coscarelli tackles the sword and sorcery genre with Beastmaster from 1982. Starring Marc Singer as the titular Beastmaster, who falls in love with slave girl Tanya Roberts while trying to defeat an evil wizard played by Rip Torn

Then, Coscarelli's gone but Singer is back for Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time. This time the Beastmaster magically gets warped to modern day Los Angeles. The fish-out-of-water story is well-worn, but is it any fun? Find out. 

Finally, we close thing out with Beastmaster III: The Eye of Braxus. This final Beastmaster movie was made for TV and aired on May 24, 1996 on NBC. 

All this plus Beastmaster memories, Thundarr The Barbarian, the boob scale, the "oh" drop, the hottest blu-rays of the week and so much more.


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