JFD567: The Night Stalker, Let's Switch!, The Children of Times Square

Well, howdy! Y'all like movies that were produced to air on television? In that case, we got a hell of a theme-show for y'alls this week. It's our May-d For TV extravaganza! Listen along as we chat about three very different TV movies.

Up first! It's 1972's The Night Strangler! The original TV Movie that spawned a sequel, a TV series, and a thousand imitators (or, the X-Files at least), this flick tracks the adventures of grizzled newspapersman Kolchak as he tracks down a murderous vampire in glitzy old Las Vegas. Plus: bonus swimming pool violence!

Next up! The two Barbaras of 70s TV (Eden and Feldon) decide to swap lives, to experience what it's like to be a homemaker or a career woman, in the lightly comedic gender politics dissection Let's Switch, from 1975! Will Parker explain to us why he selected this obscure slice of 70s TV? Tune in and you'll find out (if he tells us).

Finally! Of course, it's 1986's's The Children of Times Square. It's that one where a kid (named Eric Roberts!) falls in with some bad drug gang kinda stuff in dirty old NYC after running away from his idyllic suburban home. We'll tell ya all about those marquees in Times Square.

All this plus is it time for the percolator?, musings on the current state of Made for TV movies, Cleopatra Chats, Kevin's analog crates, a musical tribute to a fallen filmmaker, how was babby formed?, a funny story about the Mirthmobile, Chekhov's Bigfoot, a tender moment or two, news-y loose-y, problems with pixels, nerd news plus blu-ray picks and even more! Recorded live-to-tape on Twilight Zone Day, 2021!

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