JFD568: Labyrinth, Summer Camp Nightmare, Superfights

Once again, we've turned over our movie picks to our Dom DeLuise Patreon donors (the coolest kids in the whole school) and end up with a trio of flicks you may have rented in the 7th grade. 

Up first, Jim Henson, George Lucas and David Bowie's package team up for the ultimate in technical Muppetry, 1986's Labyrinth, about a young girl (Jennifer Connelly) who has to figure out a fantastical maze in order to save her baby brother.

Next, an 80's summer camp move that's not a sex comedy or a slasher? Despite its title, Summer Camp Nightmare isn't a horror movie, instead it's about what happens when the kids at a summer camp stage a violent coup and take over the camp. Lord of the Flies... that's what happens.

And finally, in 1995 if you were into MMA, you may have caught this ultra-cheesy action flick called Superfights, about an elite fighting company and a naive young talent who enters it and quickly finds out, all is not as it seems.

All this plus we discuss if our intro is outdated or if we are outdated and if it even matters, Shelby chat, gettin' vaxxxed, Godzilla vinyl news you can use and so much more.


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