JFD571: Times Square, Teenage Exorcist, 3-Iron

Hey there! Remember that time we all ran away to the big city to play golf and exorcize teenagers? Neither do we, but it sounds like a sweet dream. Find out what sorta BMX tricks we'd have pulled together in this hypothetical scenario when you donloyd and listen now!

Up first! It's 1980's Times Square! The third film in Kevin Moss's continuing series exploring the runaway teenagers of the 1980s, this one's got marquees-a-plenty and a supporting turn by Tim Curry portraying none other than Johnny LaGuardia, famed fictional NYC radio DJ. The soundtrack's chock full of bangers from top to bottom, but does the movie thrill us? !

Next up! There's very little exorcism and absolutely no teenagers in 1991's Teenage Exorcist, but that can't stop us from reviewing it. It's a Fred Olen Ray production, after-all, and Parker Bowman's got priorities when it comes to enjoying every instance of a leather bikini-clad Brinke Stevens whipping Eddie Deezen in a demonic basement scenario.

Finally! Of course, it's 2004's 3-Iron (aka Bin Jip). It's the Korean romance film that you just KNEW we'd review some day - and the day is here. Is it a Sean pick, though, or does it not feature any baffling stretches of surreal silence? Is it even about golf?

All this plus the trouble with cicadas, a cricket's jihad, Kevin wants his classic Jughead doll, a weirder looking dude than Paul Giamatti, being unfair to Jim Van Bebber, casting out demons on Skype, Siskel v Ebert: a heavyweight title match, extended musical interludes, nerd news and even more! Recorded live-to-tape on National Best Friends Day, 2021!

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