JFD573: The Muppet Show: Sex and Violence, Where Did I Come From?, Bobby Yeah

Hey there! Remember that time we all learned about the birds and the bees from Howie Mandel, Jim Henson, and a pigeon with a really large rodney? Neither do we, but it sounds like a short, sweet dream. Find out what sorta sexual maneuvers we'd have pulled together in this hypothetical scenario when you donloyd and listen now! It's short films week!

Up first! It's 1975's Muppet Show: Sex and Violence! The second of two television pilots produced by Jim Henson for ABC leading up to the production of his weekly showcase of technical muppetry, this 30-minute special is one of the few Muppet Shows not currently steamable on Disney+! Listen along as we try to convince Kevin the value of physical media by showing him these DVD-based pixels of Sam the Eagle and Floyd the Musician.

Next up! There's very little in the way of visually appealing animation and absolutely no technically competent muppetry in 1985's Where Did I Come From?, but that can't stop us from reviewing it. It's a Burbank Animation Studios production, after-all, and Parker Bowman's got priorities when it comes to enjoying every instance of Howie Mandel narrating cartoons about the development of human fuckstyles. Come for the pubes, stay for the public education!

Finally! Of course, it's 2011's Bobby Yeah. We weren't too familiar before this week with the bizarre work of stop-motion animator Robert Morgan, but will that change going forward? Is he now one of our dudes? Watch along with this twisted tale of a bunny-like boy being tormented by demonic creatures (we think?) and find out alongside us!

All this plus spice racks a plenty, the 1970s Disney Live Action revue, Kevin sparks one up at the cinema, remembering the Dodgers & the Mets, the JFD postcard invitational, Bollywood Bonanza, Kevin's hooked on streamers, technical fucketry, muppet plans for nigel, Kevin's very special Sex Ed story (featuring a real-life sexpert), pizza face guy on the wall with extremely realistic eyeballs, a playful sense of podcasting chronology, the sound of one drum exploding, nerd news and even more! Recorded live-to-tape on National Onion Rings Day, 2021!!

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