JFD579: Stunt Rock, Cinemania, The Burrowers

Hey there! What do Australian stuntmen, New York cinephiles, and Old West Vampire Slugs have in common? If you answered "they're who hosts this podcast every week", well - that's not only incorrect, it's rude. But we WILL be talking about them this week in our reviews! Together with Zach! From the Shuffle.Repeat Podcast!

Up first! It's 1978's Stunt Rock, the first and only movie whose entire scope of ambition was limited to combining a type of music with a type of previously-filmed footage! But given that the mostly pre-recorded footage stars Australian stuntmaster Grant Page, and the music is from none-other-than Rocktober Blood's very own backing band (Sorcery! the band with the magic tricks!), and the director is Brian "Leprechaun in Space" Trenchard-Smith, whether or not the normal rules of film criticism even apply is perhaps up for debate. Rock along with us as we discuss our favorite death-defying manuevers and whether or not this Sorcery band is any better than KISS.

Next up! There's only ONE documentary we know of that chronicles in extensive detail the filmgoing habits of the people who annoy Mark Freado the most. And based on that alone, we knew we had to see it, no matter what kind of subway gymnastics might be required. We're gabbing of course about Cinemania, from 2002. It follows a group of obsessed movie goers as they obsessively go to the movies. But what do they think of Attack of the Crab Monsters?

Finally! Of course, it's 2008's The Burrowers - a weird western with even weirder creatures. And we're not even talking Mapothers here. But it does have Mapothers (buyer beware). If you like toothy molemen, though, you'll be hyped.

All this plus just walkin' the dog (wink wink), a drive-in theatrical attendance report (feat. kevin), the limitations of the boob scale, problematic pokemons, donut shop tourism, Bowman is gonzo for Belmondo, an earnest appreciation for stuntsmen, cine-musical fantasias, identifying with outcasts, a very special raver, theoretical vampire freadoing, the time we screwed over Shelby revisited, nerd news and even more! Recorded live-to-tape on National Airplane Crop Duster Day, 2021!!

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