JFD597: Murder at the Vanities, SLC Punk, Skinned Deep

Backstage beauties, mormon punkers, and retro redneck rampages - this week's episode has truly got it all!

Up first! It's 1934's grandma musical Murder at the Vanities, perhaps one of the first films to combine the allure of sexy ladies and scary violences. And how sexy they are! But will that be enough to appeal to Kevin and Parker's inner grandpa?

Next up! Those wacky mormons sure do know how to party, huh? It's your college roommate's favorite punkrock coming-of-age flick, SLC Punk (from 1998). Sure, the beer is weak, but these punksters are wicked as heck.

Finally! Of course, it's 2004's Skinned Deep, the Texas Chainsaw clone you never knew you wanted (and maybe you don't). It combines retro-retroism, extreme gore, and fisheye-lensed redneck interiors laced with Super Nintendos. Sound appealing?

All this plus our baby boy Bowman's all grown up, Crazy 4 Swayze chats, the Pincinnati Newsflash, the straight-edgers go batso, Sean's mormon roommates, what can we learn from Earth Crisis?, the rules and regulations of amusement machines, no funny raggamuffins, nerd news and even more! Recorded live-to-tape on National Pretend To Be A Time Traveler Day, 2021!!

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