JFD598: The GLO Friends Save Christmas, Siskel & Ebert Holiday Gift Guide (1987), Dave Foley's The True Meaning Of Christmas Specials

We're getting into the holiday spirit this week by slipping into some comfortable shorts, but not just any shorts, Christmas-themed shorts! That's right, this week we have three short-length watches to help get you ready for Christmas! 

Up first we have an animated TV special from 1985 about a group of illuminated insects and one clumsy moose who have to save Santa Claus from an evil witch and her talking scarf in The GLO Friends Save Christmas

Next, America's most famous film critics run down all the videos and gizmos you should have gotten from Christmas (but probably didn't) in 1987 in the Siskel & Ebert Holiday Gift Guide

And finally, the star of Kids In The Hall and News Radio, Dave Foley, tries to make the ultimate holiday special but realizes it's harder than it looks in The True Meaning Of Christmas Specials from 2002. 

All this plus what kind of holiday pornos has Kevin been watching, Christmas cookie and eggnog chat, a tribute to the queen of the goths, the Thora Birch update, step-dad Vinny revelations and so much more.


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