JFD604: The Last Angel of History, Welcome II the Terrordome, Attack the Block

This week we kick off Black Sci-Fi-ebruary with a journey into Afro-futurism, with special guest host Orion Tippens from the Traveling Orion blog. 

Up first, a data thief takes us through the history of sci-fi in black culture in The Last Angel of History from 1996. 

Then, we experience pain and suffering in a dystopian future in Welcome II the Terrordome, also from 1996. 

And finally, a group of inner city British kids have to defend their apartment complex from aliens in Attack the Block from 2011.

All this plus NFT giveaways, Odenkirk chat, anime gripes, Texas Chainsaw news, twizzy Alice in Wonderlands, pricey Ghostbusters box sets and so much more.


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