JFD616: Carnival of Souls, Wolfpack, Dance with Death

Another week, another episode of Junk Food Dinner. And this week the boys go down a spooky path of undead ghouls, fascist football players and stripper murdering serial killers. 

Up first, a young woman survives a car crash (or does she?) and takes a job as a church organist, but she begins having creepy visions and the feeling she is being stalked by a ghoul from beyond the grave in the black and white classic Carnival of Souls from 1962. 

Then, a young man moves to a new town and joins the high school football team only to find that his teammates have adopted some fascist techniques to deal with undesirable students and win games in Wolfpack from 1987. 

And finally, a reporter goes undercover as a stripper in order to get a scoop on the serial killer that has been praying on exotic dancers in Dance with Death from 1992.

All this plus, Parker's TV gripes, Bill Perkins chat, streaming stats and figures, hot new blu-rays and so much more!


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