JFD621: The Passenger, Hard Rock Zombies, The Endless

Things are heating up around here at the JFD offices, and we've got three appropriately hot & sweaty cult movies to chat about with you this week. Get ready for a wild one, wherein opinions on movies are discussed in podcast form (a new approach to the medium).

Up first! It's Michelangelo "Mr. Blow-Up" Antonioni's /other/ movie (except all the other, other ones) The Passenger, from 1975! It's the one where Jack Nicholson does some stuff in the desert and then doesn't do some other stuff not in the desert. And there's lots of slow camera movements. But also it's great! (maybe)

Next up! We turn the volume up on another heavy metal horror flick, this time giving Hard Rock Zombies (from 1985) a spin. Recently restored by pixelfiends Vinegar Syndrome, does this horror comedy feature anything horrific or comedic? And does it even feature hard rock? Surely there are zombies? We'll figure out all of this, plus whether or not it has Eva Braun as a werewolf.

Finally! Of course, it's 2017's The Endless, a movie picked by Parker likes those guys (those guys being Justin Benson + Aaron Moorhead, who directed this movie and who also have their names carved together into a tree like that with a plus sign in the middle). Parker likes those guys!

All this plus grillin' & chillin', Parker's flaming failure, sexualized bureaucracy, the Star Wars report and other basic bitch shit, Black Sweden, the opposite of cinema, unapologetic Algerian funk, Kevin's favorite newspaper critics, the sound of sweat and dirt, nerd news and even more! Recorded live-to-tape on National Macaroon Day, 2022!!

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