JFD622: Creature from the Black Lagoon, Revenge of the Creature, The Creature Walks Among Us

Summer's here and we're getting tropical as we take a trip to the Black La-June for our Creature from the Black Lagoon theme show! 

Up first, we start with the Universal 3-D classic that started it all, about a group of scientists who travel to the Amazon looking for creature of legend, reported to be half man and half fish. But when they find exactly what they're looking for, will they survive in Creature from the Black Lagoon from 1954. 

Then, another group of scientists return to the Amazon to capture the Gil-man and transport him back to the US, where they put him on display at a Florida aquarium. What could possibly go wrong in Revenge of the Creature from 1955.

And finally, yet another group of scientists once again capture the Gil-man, but this time after burning the creature, they find he has human-like skin and lungs under his scales and gills. They figure they may be able to humanize the creature and make him wear clothes in The Creature Walks Among Us from 1956.

All this plus Parker's thoughts on Licorice Pizza, R.E.M chat, we learn about Pirate Metal, we get hyped for Mad God, hot new blu-rays and so much more!


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