JFD625 - JFDTV: All Music Videos, All The Time

This week we diverge slightly from our regular short films week and once again change over to JFDTV, where we each pick about 25-minutes worth of music videos to yack about. 

Up first, Kevin picks a slew of weird videos, including clips from Whale, Zapp, The Dogs, Ray Parker Jr., Butthole Surfers and The Bobby Lees. Check out the playlist here.

Then, Parker get vapor wavey with videos from Gunship, Carpenter Brut, Biting Elbows, Wolfie's Just Fine and Miles Fisher. Check out the playlist here.

And finally, Sean brings us video clips from the likes of Mondo Vita, Jean-Michel Jarre, Timmy Spence, STOP, Commander Cody, Frank Chickens, Ken Berg and The Toons. Check out the playlist here.

All this plus MTV nostalgia, Kennedy on Fox News, mobile movie theaters, anime on Adult Swim, Beavis and Butthead updates, hot new blu-rays and so much more! 


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