JFD634: Athena , Double Impact, Bloody Muscle Body Builder in Hell

This week we kick off the most muscle-y, sweatiest, action-packed month of the year Bicep-tember

Up first, health nuts and bodybuilders get together to sing and dance in 1954's Athena

Then, what's better than one Jean-Claude Van Damme? How about two JCVDs, as he plays estranged twins trying to avenge their parents' deaths and defeat a Hong Kong triad in Double Impact from 1991. 

And finally, a weightlifter, his ex-girlfriend and a psychic investigate an old house haunted by the ghost of a murdered lover in the ultra-low budget Japanese Evil Dead homage, Bloody Muscle Body Builder in Hell from 1995.

All this plus Kevin's adventures at the drive-in, Sean's fruit leather hack, Nerd News, hot blu-ray news, and so much more!


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