JFD636: So You Want to be a Muscle Man, Fight! Dragon, The Final Deletion

It might be short films week, but we're long on muscles, cuz it's still Biceptember in our hearts (and calendars). Join us, won't you, as we discuss these three meaty shorts?

Up first! We turn back the clocks to a simpler time when a housewife could openly cuckold her weakling husband in favor of the local bodybuilding champion (Clarence Ross) in 1949's So You Want to be a Muscle Man. It's part of the Joe McDoakes series of shorts! But don't pretend like you know what the heck that means.

Next up! We head on over to Hong Kong with the Japanese-produced, Chinese-set debut episode of Fight! Dragon, a rarely discussed 1974 kung fu TV series that features Bolo Yeung and other musclebound action stars!

Finally! Of course, it's 2016's The Final Deletion, a famous wrestling "match" from those firecracker sports entertainers The Hardy Boyz! Brought to you by Impact Wrestling. (again, no pretending)

All this plus medium bad skype audio quality, respecting the muscle men of this country, a very important Kevin Moth giveaway, a Barbarian theatrical scene report, Parker jumbles things around on his desk to disrupt the audio unwittingly, a Horrorhound Cincinnati Convention scene report, a Killer Klown Retail Bonanza, a patented combination of karate and aerobics, Lori Petty & "The Good Food", Sweetman & "The Bath Waters", Parker's open to new ideas about real world violence, return of the boo drop, nerd news and even more! Recorded live-to-tape on National Chocolate Milkshake Day, 2022!!

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