JFD646: RRR, Vortex, Brian and Charles

As the year winds down we take a look at three very different foreign films from 2022 that we've heard were worth our attention. Are they? Tune in and find out! 

Up first, we take a look at Bollywood's top film of 2022, RRR, about a duo of freedom fighters who have to rescue a young girl and defeat the British rule, all while performing over-the-top stunts and a few musical numbers as well. 

Next, Gaspar Noe examines the lives of an elderly couple as they struggle with aging and eventually death in the somber split-screen drama Vortex

And finally, a solitary Welsh man builds a robot to keep him company in the quirky indie British comedy Brian and Charles.

All this plus, solidarity for Sean and his toilet troubles, Thanksgiving recaps, Parker goes to a spooky circus, we pay our respects to Albert Pyun, found prison porno, expensive 4K releases and much more!

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