JFD651: Harpya, Kinnikuman: Stolen Championship Belt, House of Cosbys

This week: the standard JFD lineup is augmented by none other than world-famous anime advocate Jason "The Friz-man" Frisbie (of Pool Party Radio!) to review a trio of bizarre short subjects!!

Up first! We're surprised to find out that Belgium had an animated film scene when Kevin picks Harpya, from 1979. It features pioneering live-action/animation hybrid techniques, mythical creatures, and loud squeeking noises.

Next up! We head on over to Japan with a meat-obssessed outerspace Japanese wrestler dude in Kinnikuman: Stolen Championship Belt, (from 1984). Featuring a fake-ass Terry Funk!

Finally! Of course, it's 2005's House of Cosbys, because Parker picked it.

All this plus Frisbie's Frantic Big Apple Lifestyle Report, a new sponsorship from a major online bookseller, a breakdown of the pie-based sexual intercourse in M3GAN, Samoa Joe's famous cheeseburgers, Kevin says Monica "Belushi", Sugar Tit & Rabbit Hash & Big Bone Lick (the Kentucky Tri-Cities), Parker's debacle of falsehoods regarding trailer news, Nic Cage flashes his KISS Army badge, background Harpies, nerd news and even more! Recorded live-to-tape on National Balloon Ascension Day, 2023!!

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