JFD657: Nightmare City (AKA City of the Walking Dead), Earth Girls Are Easy, Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes

This week: we close out Sci-Fi Ebruary the only way we know how!! By reviewing three science fiction movies! Again!

Up first! We're surprised to find out that Europe had an Wayne Coyne zombies in the 80's when Parker picks Nightmare City, from 1980. It features all of the blood and boobs that Umberto could Lenz(i).

Next up! We hook up with a young Geena Davis (and an even younger Jim Carrey), along with several other famous friends in 1988's Earth Girls Are Easy, starring Geena Davis's barely sheathed nips. With pixels like these, ya gotta donloyd now.

Finally! Of course, it's 2020's Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes, because Sean can't escape the time loop of Japanuary.

All this plus captive cat creatures, croatian citizenry, a heartfelt thanks from Umberto, Parker's Personal Patreon Pic-a-ninny, sixteen audible burps, nerd news and even more! Recorded live-to-tape on Cindy Crawford's birthday, 2023!!

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