Kevin Moth sculptures on the loose!

By popular demand, and for a very limited time only, we're proud to offer the world-famous KEVIN MOTH sculpture to our listening audience.

These stunningly realistic sculptures were hand-crafted in clay and cast in high-quality resin by friend of the show XLCreatures as a tribute to our resident kaiju-crazed monster-man.

We've only got a few on-hand, but if you are interested in reserving one, just drop a line to us a and we will hook you up.

The standard edition is unpainted, intended to give you a break from painting your Warhammer figures while listening to the show so that you can flex your skills directly on Kevin's face.

For a more discerning collector, the deluxe edition is hand-painted with a wide array of creepy colors (as shown in the photo, but with some variation as it is hand-painted).

Priced at $70 for the unpainted and $165 for the deluxe painted edition, plus $10 shipping in the US (international: we'll figure it out).

Now YOU can enjoy the sculpture that Mia Sweetman enjoys, IN YOUR VERY OWN HOME!