JFD658: Where Evil Dwells, The Pricemaster, Catherine

We kick off our final month of weekly shows with a shorts film week for the ages. We get weird (and I mean WEIRD) with three very strange short films guaranteed to put you in a bizarre head space.

Up first, NYC art weirdos Tommy Turner and David Wojnarowicz create a surreal, lo-fi black & white drug trip loosely based on the (then very recent) murder case involving the Long Island satanic teenage acid head Ricky Kasso in Where Evil Dwells from 1985.

Next, we visit the weirdest yard sale ever where everything is too expensive and you must do business with a strange man in a gold mask known only as The Pricemaster.

And finally, we're transported to the blandest office in the world, where things are very dry, including the lunch in the 2014 web series Catherine starring Jenny Slate.

All this plus weird weather, Kevin goes to the movies, Portland Paul runs down his hits and misses, Cocaine Bear chat, nudie cuties and so much more!


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