Junk Food Supper 2: I'm From Hollywood


Andy always dreamed of wrestling, and Parker and Sean have always dreamed of a wrestling-themed episode of the show. So why not combine the two? And throw in a fun new installment of Good/Bad/Ugly that's also slightly wrestling-adjacent.

We start the episode with our Wrestlemaniachats, recapping the time Sean laid eyes upon Ric Flair!

Then! Good/Bad/Ugly: times we weren't sure whether a piece of media was real or fake! It sounds weird, but we'll explain it. Hopefully.

Finally! It's Sean's Dance-Adjacent movie pick: the Andy Kaufman "I'm From Hollywood" semi-documentary where we learn all about his adventures in the world of Memphis Wrestling. Listen in as we mark out for Andy. All this plus voicemails, Foxy Native American Butter Mascots, a lack of double doors, recreating scrotums from memory, jeopardizing Parker's meat-lover pizza-eating, how cows do suicide, the surprising variety of pornos indigenous to the woodlands of europe, and more!!

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