JFS11: Step Up: All In

Your boys are back with a wild one!

Sean and Parker discuss many things! You won't believe them all!

Then they describe a Saturday Morning Cartoon preview while watching it. Or watch along with them, it's on youtube! Why not?

Then they watch "Step Up: All In," the fifth movie in the Step Up franchise, from 2014. We all know Parker loves breakdancing and dumb fun but will Sean be bit by the ability to relax during entertainment? Tune in to find out!

All this plus Sweetman voicemails and much more!

Direct Donloyd.

Also, it's well known no one likes David Lynch, but you can hear the boys discuss "Twin Peaks" either way. Go to the Patreon and listen to Sean and Parker discuss (at great length) the TW Pilot. All patreons get the first episode, no matter what tier you are! They'll be watching the whole series -- at least until Parker dies. Watch along!