JFD665 - Journey to the Center of the Earth, Perdita Durango, The Great Yokai War

It's time again for your monthly dose of Junk Food Dinner and this month the boys are diving into three very different but very strange movies!

Up first, James Mason, Pat Boone and Arlene Dahl explore the deepest recesses of the planet and instead of finding liquid hot magma, they encounter giant mushrooms and killer lizards in Journey to the Center of the Earth from 1959.

Next, we have another crazy entry from Spanish director Álex de la Iglesia, Perdita Durango from 1997 starring Rosie Perez and Javier Bardem as a pair of sadistic lovers who kidnap a young couple and plan to ritualistically kill and eat them.

And finally, Japanese director Takashi Miike tells the tale of a young boy who escapes the struggles of his ordinary world by journeying into a world of thousands of monsters in The Great Yokai War from 2005.

All this plus Sean's candy update, the new Doom Generation restoration, Godzilla news, what's next for Greta Gerwig, hot new blu-rays to look out for and so much more!


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