JFS14: Where Time Began


JFS co-host Parker Bowman *claims* to be a lover of spelunking, but does his love extend all the way back to the golden age of the Spanish rip-offs of existing Hollywood Jules Verne adaptations? We'll find out this week, as we test the limits of rubbery dinosaurs with 1977's weird adaptation of Journey to the Center of the Earth, but from the guy who did Pieces, entitled Where Time Began!

But first! As is tradition long-established on Junk Food Supper, we tackle a topic of interest! But this time it's a complete surprise as to what will happen!

So #DonloydNow and enjoy this bite-sized Junk Food Supper. We got all this plus no Kelly Slater surf ranch report (sadly), we make some Frances Ha-Ha's about giggling Greta's Big Budget Barbie bonanza, we pass strict judgement on Chris Nolan's Oppenheimer (100% of both hosts having seen it), "other market factors", obscure adaptations of classic stories, classic porno adaptions of obscurities, what kinda Buffy's Parker's got under his bed, a dangerous place (culturally), blurps, bleeps, bloops and "also" so much more!!

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