JFS24: Hi, Mom!


Your JFS boys are back with another banger of an episode!

First, we wonder what was on TV at the same time as Twin Peaks and watch a compilation of the intros from all the debuting TV shows of the 1990 season. How does Twin Peaks stack up? I accidentally edited out all the pauses so if you watch the video along with us as an audio commentary, then it won't match up completely. Whoops! Sorry! However, if you're not watching along, then this is preferable to you! You're welcome!

After that, we get into a review of "Hi, Mom!" a 1970 black comedy by Brian De Palma, the GOAT. Robert De Niro plays an aspiring pornographer just home from Vietnam. He gets involved with some urban radicals and meets Paul Bartel, Jennifer Salt and Gerrit Graham along the way.

All this plus Junk Mails and next week's movie is revealed!

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Direct Donloyd.