JFD673: The Boy Friend, The Muppet Movie, Extreme Prejudice

This week: Kevin Moss and Parker Bowman regale us with tales of the legendary Ohio-based JFD meetup that just recently transpired! And we review three movies! Did we even mention it's our 14th Anniversary? Don't worry if you forgot to get us a gift - your listenership is gift enough.

Up first! We're confronted yet again with another one of Sean's fancy musical fantasias, with 1971's The Boy Friend, starring Twiggy. But could the fact that it's directed by Ken Russell save it from the realms of boredom?

Next up! We return to the world of technical muppetry with the grandaddy of all Muppet features, 1979's The Muppet Movie. But will we reveal on air whom our favorite muppets are?

Finally! Of course, it's 1987's Extreme Prejudice, because y'all asked for it.

All this plus our loving tribute to the great state of Ohio, greek kids swimming through rivers of chili, the surprising non-Italian origin of pizzas in Boston, gettin' spicy in the suites (w/ gummy bears), the surprisingly slimy texture of expansive novelty lobsters and dinosaurs and yetis, Starburst: Full Log Edition, taking girls to scary concerts: karaoke edition, vintage ice cream bars, Snack Shack versus Spookies, the candy version of smelling salts, Natasha Henstridge's got y'all getting Species and even more! Recorded live-to-tape on National Don't Walk Your Dog Day, 2024!!

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