JFD674: Black Tight Killers, The Street Fighter, Frogman

JFD is back with an action-packed episode of groovy assassins, deadly fists and magical cryptids! 

Up first, a manly photographer gets caught up with a young woman who is being pursued by an all female gang of deadly assassins in swingin' 60's Tokyo in Black Tight Killers from 1966. 

Then Sonny Chiba goes on an ass kicking rampage in the seminal 70's Japanese crime thriller The Street Fighter from 1974. 

And finally, a group of friends go on a road trip to prove the existence of a slimy cryptid in the Ohio in the found footage horror flick Frogman from 2024. 

All this plus Kevin's adventures in movie going, Parker's new found love of Love Boat, Vinegar Syndrome's newest flick, what's new with Scooby Doo, the latest Mars Attacks merch and so much more! 


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