Friday, April 29, 2011

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Something I think is cool is when stuff I like just all comes together. I've had a SoundCloud account for awhile now and have heard a lot of great tunes and met some cool people though something I would not consider to be a garbage social media outlet.

That being said, I was pleased as punch when I found out that Ricky Eat Acid would be putting out a tape through Chill Mega Chill. Not only that, I was equally pleased to learn that in rapid succession, Galapagos would be putting out a tape on this same label! I ordered both tapes right away. Now one discussion we have time and time again on the show is that of the importance of tangible media. These production of these tapes clearly a labor of love. The tapes are painted, the inserts are handwritten and unique, and the jams are solid. A full package deal. They also came with download codes for bonus material (including a Creedence cover from Ricky Eat Acid) so there's no reason not to pick up everything these dudes put out, right?

"But, Maaaaark", you guys are whining, "this is supposed to be about movies."

Well, good news. I had already sent Tripp and Ian (who run the label) a gushy fanboy email about how great I think the stuff they're doing is but I wanted to do more. Luckily for me, Tripp has a cool movie blog about cool movies called A Taste of Blood. I've been going through the catalog and there's some stuff we'll probably need to cover on the show and there's a full set of Friday the XIIIth reviews that Parker will probably be into. Also, that "Feast of Flesh" typeface is the same one on the Project Parlor & Junk Food Dinner presents posters.

Anyway, take the time to make the time and show these guys some love by either buying a tape (Oregon Bike Trails cassingle is ready for pre-order!) or checking out one of the other million things they have going on.

Ricky Eat Acid - Ur My Destiny ~~ from Cool Things I Find on Vimeo.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Junk Food Dinner Podcast: Episode #56

Look out! The latest episode of everybody's favorite cult movie podcast is upon us, and boy oh boy, is it a doozy.

The first movie on the docket this week is Grotesque from 1988 starring Linda Blair about a gang of overacting punks who terrorize a family at their home in the mountains until the tables are turned in twist after ridiculous twist.

Then we watch as Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson goes on a manhunt to kill those responsible for his brothers murder, all while being trailed by Oliver Jackson-Cohen and Billy Bob Thornton, in the macho action flick Faster from 2010.

And finally, it's a supernatural geriatric killing spree when we laugh our way through the expectedly silly straight-to-video horror comedy The Granny from 1995 directed by Luca Bercovici and starring Stella Stevens and Shannon Whirry.

Also, we have Nerds News, this week's DVD and Blu-Ray releases and much more!

Listen Now:

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Joss Whedon working on Dr. Horrible 2, also something called The Avengers

Joss Whedon's saying that he's ready to ride on Dr. Horrible 2. I'm pretty stoked on this considering I love Whedon and Neil Patrick Harris and the first Dr. Horrible. Here's some quotes and info (and heavy spoilers beyond this point):

“We’ve got several songs near completion and we’ve got a very specific structure.” Whedon said that doing a continuation of his cult webseries is definitely something he “has his heart into,” but it’s all a matter of having enough time:

“We’ve just all got jobs. And it’s not like Neil, Nathan and Felicia ain’t busy either. We get together at Christmas and family occasions, and then play each other our partial songs and go, “Yup, that’s still exactly as it was the last time we played it. We’re great.” It’s bad.”


Felicia Fucking Day is gonna be in this?! I love Felicia Day and all, but what is it about Joss Whedon that he can't let his dead characters stay fucking dead?! Jumpin' Jesus on a pogostick!! Ugh.

Oh, anyway, I guess The Avengers started shooting today, too. So, that's cool. Until we find out that Tony Stark has 3 separate death scenes and 4 different resurrection scenes.

Friday, April 22, 2011

30 Minutes or Less trailer: I'll watch anything with Aziz

Here's the new trailer for "30 Minutes or Less" a comedy where Jesse Eisenberg and Aziz Ansari have to rob a bank.

I dunno if anyone under the age of 30 really remembers when pizza delivery places boasted "30 minutes or less," so this title probably won't make sense to anyone. It really doesn't even make sense to me. In the trailer, dude says he has nine hours to rob a bank. Where do the titular thirty minutes come in to play? Oh well. Danny McBride is funny.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sexless Weekends Podcast: Episode 55

Hey dudes and dudettes, Junk Food Dinner is back to covet your mellow with an episode dedicated to the 20th of April. We start things off in a time when dudes were dudes and babes were meant to be wormed on in 1994's driving around odyssey The Stöned Age. Next we, like, fly a car through space and then, like, totally fight zombies and horrors from beyond the Canadian galaxy or whatever in the animated adult epic Heavy Metal from 1981. Finally, we get the munchies and scarf some bird so good we turn into a bible thumpin', dope smokin', mutant turkey in the weird one-off Blood Freak from 1972. This is truly our most crescent fresh episode to date!

Please refrain from bogarting this episode, send it to one of your buds!

Side note: Don't worry, we think the idea of doing an episode like this is just as stupid as you do. But, seriously, relax.

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Fake Monopoly trailer probably won't be fake for too long

Here's a fake trailer for Monopoly that I'm sure will spark "creative" thoughts into some Hollywood suit.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Junk Food Dinner 54

The kids return with the second of their Listener Appreciation shows, wherein three movies suggested by the listeners are examined.

First up, we take a look at the Canadian Heavy Metal, "Rock & Rule," an animated rock & roll story about weird mouse people caught in a Faustian plot from 1983. The flick features music by Lou Reed, Debbie Harry and Iggy Pop.

Then we get caught up in a journey to Lost Vegas in the retro, post-apocalyptic "Six-String Samurai," starring an annoying little kid and The Red Elvises, from 1998.

Finally, everything gets really weird and erotic in 1989's surreal, expressionist "Dr. Caligari," from the team of Stephen Sayadian (a.k.a. porn director Rinse Dream) and Jerry Stahl (Permanent Midnight, Alf, Night Dreams).

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Junk Food Dinner 53

Junk Food Dinner returns after a horrible, accidental hiatus. This episode is the first of a pair of Listener Appreciation shows where we check out movies recommended by fans.

Up first, we talk "Riki-Oh: The Story of Riki," a 1991 Hong Kong action flick about a man stuck in prison that's full of gore and bloody explosions and hand mutilations.

Then we take a look at another martial arts flick, albeit less violent and more funky, in 1985's "The Last Dragon," the story of Leroy Green and his struggle against a greedy arcade owner and one of the coolest villains of all time, Sho'Nuff, the Shogun of Harlem.

Finally, Parker shares a dark, shameful secret as we examine 1985's "The Stuff," a horror flick about an evil white goo that eats people from the inside out.

No Nerd News or DVDs this week, just a streamlined flash of excitement and exploding hands.

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Planet of the Apes Trailer flings itself onto our screens

Kevin's more of a Planet of the Apes fan than I am, which is to say he likes those movies and I've never seen them.

But, after seeing this trailer, I'm fully fuckin on board with this prequel. In fact, I'm so on board (and scared of our simian cousins) that I propose we all go to the San Diego Zoo this weekend and hit the apes with a pre-emptive strike.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

They Live "remake" news

We've mentioned that Hollywood is "remaking" one of our favorite flicks "They Live." I put "remaking" in quotes on account of the film being based on a book and this new movie would just be another adaptation of that book rather than trying to remake the film itself. "Van Helsing" isn't a remake of "Dracula," but they're based on the same source material, afterall.

Anyway. Matt Reeves, director of "Cloverfield" and "Let Me In" is gonna be working on this and he's got my back on this whole not a remake thing by saying his film will be based more on the book and will be less of a satire than John Carpenter's classic flick.

We'll see how this goes. I trust Matt Reeves. Everyone said they'd rather burn out their eye holes than see a "Let the Right One In" remake and he shut their faces up with that sweet ass movie, so we'll see. We'll see.

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Friday, April 8, 2011

Goodnight, Sweet Prince.

I was recently informed that the video store where I paid a lot of late fees and eventually worked has closed down. R.I.P. Video Central. The hardwood, tin ceiling, multi-room building was once a furniture store. During my time there I had the distinct pleasure of exploring the store from top to bottom. In the back of the soft-core room, in the corner, there was a large vault that was too heavy to take out, so the wall was built around it. In the back room's basement I found a lot of clear VHS rental boxes, severely damaged movie memorabilia, and a stack of 8-bit Nintendo games (including Monster Party, a personal favorite.) The front room's basement was the real treasure trove, though. This much larger and significantly less leaky portion of the under-store was packed to the brim with all of the props used by the team that set up the huge window displays. Among the mannequins, plastic swords, and cardboard houses were remnants of the Margulis Furniture empire. Huge, glass-front storage cabinets stood floor to ceiling alongside skeletal water fountains and mountains of old paperwork. I found this tape among the stacks and since I figured I wouldn't ever not think the phrase "The Jazz Pocket" was funny, I hung on to it. Also, I found a king's ransom in back room porno booth tokens. Each one portraying a zodiac symbol on one side and it's corresponding position of intercourse on the flip! Classics. These days will be sorely missed. Working there provided me the opportunity of seeing a lot of amazing films and have a lot of great discussions about those films. I also was able to practice my Tuvan throat singing. We will never forget. Farewell.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

New episode exploded

Hey, gang.

Parker's computer completely crapped out and this week's show is possibly dead. We'll try to work out the technical difficulties. If a Phoenix Down doesn't work, there'll at least be a new episode next Wednesday (or so).

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bill & Ted 3 close to becoming a real thing

Keanu Reeves got together with MTV to talk about movies. Reeves does a lot of interviews with MTV, it seems. ANYWAY- He had some big news about Bill & Ted 3. A script is gonna be done in the next couple months then they'll be shooting an actual moving picture.

Concerning the plot, apparently our lovable metal heads will be aging and worried about the fact that they haven't written the song that saves the world yet.

Here's the interview:

In case you missed it, here's our interview with Alex "Bill S. Preston, esq." Winter, from JFD22

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Breaking Bad doesn't want Martians to have oxygen?

The L.A. Times (and lots of other people who wouldn't lie) are saying that Bryan Cranston (of Tv's "Breaking Bad") is set to play the villain, Cohaagen, in the "Total Recall" total remake. I'm not gonna start jumping up and down and buying tickets on fandango yet, but short of announcing that Weird Al will be playing Quaid, this is probably the best possible news concerning this movie.

Daytime Television and The Marquee Jono

My buddy Jono makes music under the name Daytime Television. Check some of it out HERE. Maybe if you like it, you'll click the "like" button? He'd like that.

And now he owes me a Pepsi.

Enclosed is a picture I found when I googled "Not Jono."

This guy is not Jono.